If you want unlimited internet on your phone and you’re using Nextel or Boost, you don’t need to pay the extra $3.50/mo (Nextel) or $0.20/day (Boost).

First you need to find out your Sub ID


Menu/Net/Nextel.com/Sub ID



Hold down menu button

Go to ‘bookmarks’

At the error message, hit ‘menu’

Pick ‘go to site’

Go to ‘iamslow.com’

Pick ‘send net alert’

Pick ‘send’

You’ll see your Sub ID listed at the bottom of the screen.

Nextel and Boost:

Send yourself a net alert either from the site above on your phone OR by using your Sub ID to send yourself an alert from this form.

Now whenever you want to go online you can just open up the net alert that you sent yourself and you’ll be launched into TekniWap, a free service from TekniDude. No extra charge!

There’s actually an even easier way of doing this, and you don’t need your Sub ID for it! I know it works with Boost, but I haven’t had a chance to try it with Nextel yet:

Just send yourself a text message from either Nextel or Boost‘s website with a URL in the body of the message. Any URL will do. Something like http://www.google.com/ would be good. TekniDude’s WAP site, http://www.teknidude.com/wap/index.asp, is a great one too. Once you receive the message on your phone, you can click any link that’s been emailed to you and the web page will pop right up!

It looks like every phone on the Nextel network has internet access included in its regular service charge. Nextel/Boost just charges for access to their own bookmarks/homepage. That’s weird huh? Kind of sneaky of them to not tell their customers what is and isn’t included in their service.

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