Dear You,

Hi! How are you? That’s great. I’m fine, thanks.

How’s your day going? That’s good. Mine’s going okay I guess. Traffic was decent this morning, but it’s never what I would call a ‘pleasant drive.’

I’ve got plenty of work to do today. There’s never a shortage of things to work on around here and lately it’s been tough to keep it all straight.

There’s not a whole lot happening in the news today. Have you noticed? Yeah. Kinda slow.

Hey, did you know that Monday’s a holiday? Yep. No, I’m not kidding – three day weekend. It’s Presidents’ Day! You should check with your employer to see if you have it off. Tammy doesn’t, and she did last year. That’s kind of a bummer.

Anyway I’d better get back to work. It was great talking with you.

Your pal,


ps- I am insane.

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