So this whole Comcast/Disney thing…

All I know of “Comcast: The Company” is that-

* They are a huge nationwide cable company with monopolies in many markets (as is the case with almost all cable companies)

* They impose download caps on their broadband customers and threaten heavy-downloaders with service termination without ever revealing how much bandwidth use is “too much.”

* They raised their cable rates twice in the last year.

* Their customers hate them for all of the reasons above.

Disney needs new leadership, that’s for sure. I just don’t know that a company as universally disliked as Comcast is the one to do it.

I registered over at a few weeks ago, and yesterday in my mailbox I got a free bumper sticker! It says something like “Dump Michael. Bring back Roy.” I thought it was a real hoot.

While I may agree with its message, I feel strongly that bumper stickers are sported exclusively by hippies and white trash. I am neither, so I will simply carry the sticker’s message in my heart!

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