Well I did it. Yesterday when I upgraded Firebird/Fox, I also took the time to make the switch from Eudora to Thunderbird.

I used Eudora for a good long while – years! – and honestly, it’s a piece of shit. So many other email clients have updated their interfaces and simplified their configuration options over the years, and all the while Eudora has only received minor changes and tweaks – virtually nothing that would distinguish the Eudora of today from the Eudora of 1996.

The straw that broke my back was this – I receive a pretty high-volume of messages each day (300+), and Eudora just can’t handle it. Every few months, once my mailbox had reached a certain size, Eudora would choke on restart and tell me that my mailbox was corrupted and it’d offer to rebuild it for me. Well it’d take about 10 minutes to rebuilt it, and that’d work for that session, but the next time I launched the program – same thing. Eudora’s solution to this was to have me clear messages out of my trash and other mailboxes. Sorry but I think that’s retarded.

So like I said, I switched to Thunderbird and never looked back. Thunderbird does everything I want it to, and it looks great. It’s even skinnable, although I like the default skin better than the alternatives. And it’s free – unlike POODORA!

Yes, that’s right. I called it Poodora. When you see that word spread across the Internet, remember that I invented it, just now.

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