I went to get my hair cut this weekend. It had really been a long time since the last one.

I went to Tammy’s salon this time instead of the cheapo ‘GreatCuts’ that I usually visit. It was really interesting because they relaxed my hair and I’ve never had that done before!

Have you ever wondered how some ‘people of color’ are able to get their hair to be straight enough to comb and style? The answer is relaxer! It’s this super toxic chemical that they comb into your hair, but it completely eliminates any natural curl and leaves you with straight, manageable hair.

After 15 minutes the relaxer is washed out, and a special chemical conditioner is applied to halt the chemical process before it totally disintegrates your hair.

Anyway, I’ve been living with annoying-as-crap curly hair for 25 long years, and this was an eye-opening experience. It feels totally awesome to have straight hair. I don’t have to fight with it every morning to make it do what I want anymore!

I almost can’t wait for my hair to get longer so that I can have longish straight hair. It’s a whole new world baby.

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