I’ve always been a little curious about brandy, so Friday night after work I stopped at the BevMo by my house and picked up a bottle and two snifters.

Don’t get me wrong – I loves my gins and tonicses. I doubt I’ll ever tire of a properly-balanced well-mixed, G&T. But at the same time I’d like to see what’s out there while avoiding the beer and wine that so many of the “commoners” drink.

I looked for something on the cheap side figuring that if I didn’t like it at least I wouldn’t be losing too much money. I walked away with a ten dollar bottle of Paul Masson VSOP.

I’ve never tasted kerosene before, but I’ve got a feeling that this brandy was not far off. With much effort I managed to finish off the glass I had poured myself. Throwing it down the ol’ piehole was a little harder than I had planned on, but I was a trooper and stuck through it to the end.

I didn’t feel the least bit buzzed afterwards, but I did wind up with a nice warm sensation that started in my throat and went all the way down to my stomach for about an hour or two after.

I shall endeavor to try again this Friday night.

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