I spilled paint on my shoes a few weeks ago, so I’ve been thinking about getting another pair.

Right now I wear Trekkers from Lands’ End, and I’ve been really happy with them. I guess I’ve had them for exactly one year because I remember ordering them before Christmas of ’02. They’ve held up really well!

I just checked out their site, and they’re now $10 less than what I originally paid for them! You too can order your own pair for just $19.99! That is a freakin’ hot deal my friends!

Go to http://www.landsend.com/ and search for 8111-1AG2. These shoes are great, and for twenty bucks everybody should have a pair!

Lands’ End is really good about returns, too. The first pair I ordered were too big and it took me about two weeks of wearing them every day to realize it. They accepted the return and sent me a brand new pair of shoes in a smaller size – no questions asked. I felt like kind of a jerk for returning them in obviously used condition, but they let me get away with it and so now I think Lands’ End is a really cool company!

One caveat – sizing selections on their site seem to be limited right now. That means they’re either just low on stock from holiday orders, or that they’re planning on phasing them out of their catalog.

If you’re looking for a similar shoe with a better size/color selection than the Trekker, search for item #7377-2AG8. The “All-Weather Mocs” look almost identical to the Trekker but with a slightly lower cut.

I believe that Sears carries Lands’ End products in-store, so if buying clothes on the Intarweb isn’t your thing you do have that option too.

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