Apple announced the iPod mini today. $250 for 4GB? Are they joking? Fifty bucks more gets you a 15GB iPod! $250 is way too much for way too little.

Honestly, I was counting on Apple to help destroy the market for flash-based and/or low-capacity mp3 players. As far as I’m concerned, tiny mp3 players like this are the scourge of digital music. I want a device that holds more music than I could ever reasonably hope to download or buy.

Take a look at the link above on the Apple site. See at the top how it says “Choose an iPod” and it shows the two models to the right of it? There’s a big gap in the middle there that could easily hold a new model. It’s so obvious you’d almost think they did it on purpose to psyche us out. Something new is on the way, and I bet it’ll play video.

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