I’ve noticed a trend in video game ownership that I will henceforth refer to as “Brett’s Law.” It states “The more video games one possesses, the fewer they will actually play, and the ones that they do play will rarely be played to completion.”

I first noticed this back in the days of NES cartridges. By the time that console had died I must have had 50+ games for it, and I only really played a handful of them on a regular basis.

I fell into this trap again when it became clear just how easy it was to copy and play PlayStation (1) games back in those crazy college dorm days. I wound up with more shit than I knew what to do with, and I could only bring myself to finish Metal Gear Solid and like one other game because there was always some other game I wanted to play for 10 minutes before losing interest and looking for something better.

Now I own a PS2 and a GameCube – both totally legit with original retail games – and I have vowed to never ever let myself fall into the trap of owning more games than I will ever be able to finish. I think I have like three PS2 games and four GameCube games. With games costing what they do these days, it’s not that hard to reign in the spending!

So far my theory is pretty accurate. I got Metroid Prime for Christmas (I know, I’m a little late on that one) and I’ve had time to explore all kinds of places. Basically I feel like I can take my time in the game and I don’t have to rush.

And incidentally – Metroid Prime wins the award for coolest title screen/menu system in a video game EV@R~!!!!

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