Back to work!

I had a nice two-weeker of a vacation. I try to take two weeks off every year for Christmas/New Years, even if I don’t have any plans to leave town. It reminds me of being in school, which honestly wasn’t all that fun, but at least I always had that two week vacation to look forward to.

We spent Christmas eve and night at my parents’ in Palos Verdes, and Christmas day found us in Glendora with Tammy’s parents.

New Year’s Eve was fun at Disneyland as usual. Stacy and Steve came with us this time. We ate at The Vineyard Room in the quiet-as-usual DCA before hopping over to Disneyland.

Tammy’s gone for a week at CES in Las Vegas. We woke up at 5 this morning and I drove her to the airport. I’m gonna miss that kid.

Among other things, she’s her company’s trade show manager, so she’s responsible for making sure their expansive (and expensive) booth gets assembled properly, sales materials are available, and that everybody’s got a place to sleep. Try to imagine her level of stress for the past two months.

Between waking up early today and still being on my sleep-late holiday schedule, it’s a miracle that I’m coherent enough to type this. At least I got here early today, so I can leave a little early this afternoon. You know those eyelid-holder-openers from A Clockwork Orange? I could seriously benefit from having a pair of those right onw.

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