I took the last two weeks off of work and it’s been fun.

Here’s some links you might be interested in if you live in Southern California like me:

* SigAlert.com lets you check freeway conditions. (If you don’t see a map, hit back in your browser and click the link again.)

* California ISO’s list of any active rolling blackouts.

* California/Nevada recent earthquake maps.

And if you’re into wonderfully old and forgotten music like I am, here are some sites you might want to check on a weekly basis:

* Basic Hip Digital Oddio

* Bellybongo

* MilwaukeeJohn’s Featured Album

* Oddio Overplay tries hard, but their compilation tracks often disappear from the servers on which they’re hosted, and their picks are sometimes a little too eclectic for my tastes.

* Splogman’s World will have new stuff every week of 2004.

And of course, the ever-growing releases page at Comfort Stand Records is the hottest of the hot. Release #3, “Mic In Track” is pure brilliance.

Happy new year!

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