My Dad finally made a decision on that mp3 player. He decided to go with the iPod rather than the Jukebox Zen Xtra, mainly becuase there are so many accessories out for the iPod.

It’ll be my mom’s Christmas gift to him and I volunteered to get it for her. and every other website I could find were sold out of the 20 GB units, so last night I went to the Apple store in Costa Mesa (which had plenty) and picked one up along with a PCI firewire card.

We did some other shopping while we were at the mall, too. When we were in Z Gallerie I accidentally knocked over a small metal flask which fell on the floor and made a horrible clattering noise that you could hear all through the store. It was right next to some tall wine glasses and for a second I thought one of them had fallen, but nope! During the three seconds when the commotion was being made I saw everything happen in slow motion and in the back of my head I saw dollar amounts slowly adding up. $15…$30…$45…how much is this going to cost me…

I’m not sure why, but no employees ever came by to check on what had happened. I bet that people had been knocking that flask down all day long and they were just tired of checking. Score one for Brett!

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