When is the striking grocery union going to realize they’re wrong?

Seriously. It’s getting a little out of control now.

I supported them…for about the first week. Now they’re just being idiots. When you have a job, you have to understand that management makes the big tough decisions. That’s why get paid more and have fancy job titles instead of, say, “Deli Clerk” or “Shelf Stocker.” If you don’t like the decisions being made, you go find yourself another job. That’s just how it is.

Most Americans have to pay a little bit for their employer-provided health insurance. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. The union has raised some other issues that I don’t see as mattering at all, so I won’t even address those.

I especially like how they chose to start picketing grocery store distribution centers the Monday before Thanksgiving, effectively screwing up Thanksgiving for countless families. That wasn’t an attack on management – that was an attack on customers.

This whole thing just makes me hate unions, and now I really support the grocery companies’ decision to stick to their guns!

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