TWO awesome Internetish things to report!

I must be the most unconnected loser ever, because here it is 338 days into 2003 and I’m only just now finding out about the incredibly super duper 365 Days Project! For each day of 2003, 365DP will post one obscure mp3 file for your listening enjoyment, complete with documentation for each composition. All of the files will go away on January 5th though, so I’ve got to bust my ass and get downloading before it’s too late! You too!

One of the founders of the 365 Days Project, Otis Fodder, has also started his own record label. Comfort Stand Records is an online-only record label dedicated to spreading new and old music – FREE. There’s a catch, though! With bandwidth pricing being what it is, Comfort Stand’s albums will be in limited release and won’t be available for download after a certain date.

Two Zombies Later is Comfort Stand’s first and only release to date. It’s a double-CD complete with high-res printable CD labels and liner notes. After Feburary 1st you’ll need to hop on your P2P network of choice if you want to download this gem, but until that day comes, you can download it now!

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