An Al-Qaida member is claiming that a large strike on Americans will happen during Ramadan. That’s this month.

I highly doubt that will happen, but the guy sure talks like he’s convinced it will.

If you wanted to kill a bunch of people at once – and at the same time make sure that nobody saw it coming – you have to admit that flying planes into skyscrapers was a pretty creative way of doing it. Nobody suspects something like that. Well they do now, I guess.

But Al-Qaida is boasting that they’ll kill as many as 100,000 people in their next attack. What could they possibly do that would kill a hundred thousand people? Whatever they do, they’ll probably do it to a densely populated area like Los Angeles or Chicago.

A dirty nuke maybe? Poisioning the water supply? Who knows. They could do anything. I’m just glad that I’m not one of the hard-workin’ law enforcement people whose job it is to think of ways that terrorists could launch large scale attacks, because I’m just not that creative.

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