A week or so ago I installed a wall-mounted TV stand in our master bedroom. It was without a doubt one of the hardest things I’ve ever done around the house.

AVF Vector also has some of the worst documentation you’ll ever find in the home improvement arena. There are a few things I learned the hard way that the manual never bothered to mention:

– Use a level

– Pre-drill the holes as deep as you possibly can into the stud.

– Spray WD40 into the drilled holes and rub it all over the screw threads before you try screwing them in

– Don’t use an electric screwdriver or a hand screwdriver to put the screws in. Use a ratchet with a screwdriver head. Expect to bruise your palms from the constant pressure that you must exert on the ratchet.

– If you wear down the heads on the screws, don’t buy identical screws at Home Depot because they are weak and will snap off inside the wall while you’re screwing them in.

– The plastic wire covers are 100% crap and will keep popping off no matter how long you mess with them. The best you can do is play with them until they look passable.

Anyway, now that the whole project is done it looks really good, but don’t underestimate its difficulty!

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