I bought a new router over the weekend.

My BEFSR41 from Linksys had proven to be a solid performer for the many years that I’d owned it. Unfortunately, I recently found an application that brings it to its knees. Something about peer-to-peer network traffic caused by systems like Overnet would lock up the router after only a few minutes in operation, requiring a hard reset to get it up and running again.

Overnet is quickly becoming a program that I use on a regular basis, especially with excellent sites like ShareReactor.com being out there, so this problem – unresolved by any firmware upgrade or downgrade I tried over the course of a month – was unacceptable!

The solution was to wipe the slate clean and ditch the heretofore rock-solid router and replace it with something from Linksys’ main competitor, D-Link.

The D-Link DI-624 now sits next to my DSL modem and has worked perfectly since I plugged it in. It also does 802.11b and .11g, so if I ever go wireless that’ll be nice. Apparently they’ve even figured out a way to double throughput on the 802.11g side of things for a max theoretical speed of 108mbps. That’s faster than plain ol’ cat5 ethernet!

I’m hanging on to the receipt and I’m not going to mail the rebate right away until I’ve had a chance to really put this thing through its paces, but the first 12 hours of its operation have been pretty good so far!

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