A few years ago Disneyland opened up a music store on Main St. that contained these nifty interactive kiosks. The kiosks would let you burn custom CDs containing up to 10 tracks of vintage Disneyland attraction audio from the park’s opening in 1955 all the way up to the present. The system was called “Disneyland Forever” and it was a true rip off at $20 per CD. (A complete track listing is here.)

I of course made it my mission to purchase every track available on the system as soon as I’d learned about it. I’m glad I did, because they shut the whole thing down and tore out the kiosks about a year ago. I got some good stuff though! A huge chunk of Yesterland is now sitting on my hard drive in audio format.

Anyhoo, Randy Thornton of Walt Disney Records just made a super duper announcement. The CD-burning kiosks will be making a comeback, and they’ll now contain digitally remastered vinyl albums that have been out of print for at least 30 years. Some of them were only available for purchase at the park, some are park-themed, and some are just old Disney recordings that at one time or another were available for purchase at your local record shop.

The individual recordings in the style of Disneyland Forever as we used to know it will be returning eventually, probably not until spring, but any new tracks that they can add would be welcome. Yay!

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