Yesterday Apple released iTunes for Windows. It seems to be pretty good as a music purchasing mechanism, but it’s iffy as an mp3 player. I like how I can share music with other people on my network, but I don’t like not being able to copy those files locally.

The application seems pretty sluggish and it feels like overkill to launch this huge program just to be able to listen to and organize your mp3s. There’s also no way to maximize the window.

I dunno. I’ll probably use it for another day or two but I’ll probably wind up switching back to Winamp.

Spreaking of which, Winamp 5 was released to beta yesterday as well, and initial reports seem positive, so that’s exciting! Also, the guy who made my favorite Winamp 3 skin, MMD3, also made the default skin for Winamp5. Yay!

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