Saturday night Tammy and I went with Stacy and Steve to Rockin’ Baja Lobster down in Newport Beach. Living in OC is cool, because Newport isn’t some exotic far-off locale like it is when you live in LA.

Tammy and I split a ‘baja bucket’ which came with lobster tails, chicken, carne asada, and baja shrimp. So good.

I had two Tom Collinses bookended by gin and tonics. That’s the most I’ve ever had to drink before, and I think that’s my limit. I had the mildest of hangovers the next morning for an hour or three, so I’m glad I called it quits when I did.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve started drinking. Tammy made me, what can I say.

Right now I only drink gin. I haven’t developed a taste for anything else, and I doubt I ever will. You see, sweet lady gin is a jealous mistress.

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