Do you remember The Bard’s Tale series of PC games from way back in the day? They made three of them, and they were all pretty good. I remember playing The Bard’s Tale II like a madman late into the night on my Apple IIGS. I consider the series to be the template by which most modern-day computer-based RPGs were made. In short, they just don’t make them like that anymore.

Devil Whiskey is the product of some very talented Bards Tale lovers. It’s a built-from-scratch game meant to replicate those classic RPGs, and it’s the closest thing to The Bards Tale IV that we may ever see. There’s a downloadable 120MB demo available now, and 25 bucks will get you the full version when it’s released on Halloween.

Before you pass it off as some lame-o piece of fan-created crapola, check out the screenshots and listen to the mp3s of the s soundtrack. It’s a commercial-quality endeavor, and I’m excited to take the demo for a spin this weekend.

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