Yesterday I became a paying subscriber to Dish Network. I’ve never had satellite TV before, and great googly moogly, it beats the living crap out of the rabbit ears we’ve been using since we bought our house last November.

We’re signed up for America’s Top 100 with local channels. Also, we get HBO and Cinemax free for three months thanks to some promotion they’re running now.

I do like to read about how to hack the signal for free on “teh INtarweb”, because I find all that stuff really interesting. And yeah, I guess I could have gone that route, but it just seems like such a hassle with all the time and equipment involved. I decided that I’d rather just be a legit, paying subscriber from day one so that I don’t have the headaches of dealing with all the problems that the pirates have to deal with.

The pricing is about the same as cable, but we get a few more channels and the picture is way clearer, so I don’t mind paying for it. I also think it’s very cool that if you want a bare-bones package with just 50 channels and one television, you can still get satellite TV for just $24.99 per month. Everybody can afford that – and that IS cheaper than cable.

If you’re considering signing up up for Dish, let me know, because I can get a credit on my bill for referring you! And you can get a special deal too!

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