I finished the wedding favors this weekend, and only had to take two days off of work to do it! But that’s behind me now, so I can relax. Maybe. Next weekend I’m moving most of my stuff from Palos Verdes to Anaheim, so that’ll be just as insane I’m sure.

Saw some movies this weekend-

Gangs of New York: Sucked. Too long, too boring, and the characters were just not believable at all. Needlessly gory.

Two Weeks Notice: Funny and well written. Hugh Grant was made for romantic comedies.

The Life of David Gale: An anti-death penalty message wrapped in a very well conceived film. Very clever story that took me a few minutes to fully understand once it was all over. Tammy helped me out though, because I’m a little slow sometimes.

I really like hamburgers. I think I had three or four this weekend. I love hot dogs too. I’m not sure which I like better, but I think the dogs have it by a nose.

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