A few quick TV notes-

The last season of Monk had much, much better writers than the current season. Did you see Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico a few weeks ago? Yeesh.

Sci Fi channel is spinning off a new show from Stargate SG-1 called Stargate: Atlantis. They’ll have to dig deep to hire quality talent for this one, because I think SG-1’s strongest selling point is its great cast…Except for that totally unconvincing doctor lady. They could stand to replace her I think.

Enterprise took a nose dive in the ratings last season, so there are going to be some major changes made in season three, all of which sound like not-very-well-thought-out ideas to me, but I’ll wait to see what happens before I make a final judgement.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is actually very funny and you should check it out if you get Bravo! Although I hear rumors that it’s headed to NBC pretty soon.

You know those people who love to tell you how they don’t watch TV? You know how they like to slip it into conversation all the time? I can’t stand those people. And some of the things they say in defense of their choice sound alarmingly similar to the guy in this Onion article. Anyway, those are the people who need Tivo the most.

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