Last night we were at Downtown Disney for the DLR’s Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise special event.

Unlike past events, we didn’t actually buy any merchandise this time because A- we have no money, and B- anything worth getting was at least $300.

As we waited in line to get our picture taken we found ourselves standing behind Tony Baxter, the Imagineering VP that I saw at Borders on Sunday. How weird is that.

Waiting in the theater was fun because they gave us all pirate caps, eye patches, and earrings to play with. Popcorn and a drink were included too. Also there were pirates running through the aisles cracking jokes and stealing purses.

The movie itself was pretty good. The cgi was particularly well done, as the cursed pirates transformed seamlessly from flesh to bone and back again as they walked in and out of the moonlight.

I still have some issues with the ticket price vs the actual value of the event, and I made sure to yell about it on the evening’s comment form, but for the most part it was a pretty fun time.

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