I was out of the office sick the past two days, but the good news is that I was home to accept delivery of our new grill.

We got the propane version of the Weber Genesis Gold B and it rocks. We made burgers, dogs, and zukes last night and they were all pretty good. I’m used to cooking with propane, but I’ve never actually gotten a propane tank refilled or connected, so I tried my best not to blow myself up during the process, and it worked! Propane is cheap too! It only cost me $15 at U-Haul to refill the tank which is good for 16-20 hours of cooking at full-blast.

The grill is grrreat. We would never be able to afford it on our own, but Tammy had a bunch of American Express Rewards points stocked up from her various purchases at work for the past year or so, so we cashed them in for some backyard grillin’ action.

Also, we had a mouse or a rat climb into our dryer vent and it pooped in the exhaust hose. (That’s that big silver tube that snakes out the back of your dryer and eventually shoots outside of your building.) I cleaned it out, but our laundry still smells like pee. The guy from Sears said we’ll just have to wait it out and the smell will go away eventually. That’s lovely. In the meantime, I got some metal screen at Home Depot, cut it to fit, and wedged it in that outside vent.

I also bought some rat poison, but I wound up throwing it away. I was afraid that just having it in our garage would attract rodents inside to get to it! Our neighbors have dogs also, so the mice could have vectored it over there, and that would not have been good. So now it’s not a problem and a garbage dump somewhere will have a few less rats.

Owning a home can be a challenge sometimes!

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