Yesterday I replaced some more landscape lights, and we went to two garden centers scouting out possible replacements for a sweetgum tree with wandering roots in our front yard. I’m leaning towards a king palm, but Tammy’s got her eyes set on a european white birch. We’re still researching though!

Since we moved in, we were using an old end table to hold the TV, and all of our DVDs and video games were just stacked neatly on the floor. It was pretty ghetto and we were tired of staring at the mess of wires and crap, so yesterday we picked up an entertainment center for our living room at Target. Check it out.

It was only $100, and we had a $50 gift card that we’d been hanging on to since Christmas, so it was a pretty sweet deal. It was easy to put together, and only took a few hours, but by the time I started building it I was pretty wiped out from cleaning toilets and doing some gardening and driving all over the place to get various house stuff.

I think I went to bed around 1, and anyway I’m pooped today.

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