Tammy’s a huge Harry Potter fan, so of course we did the midnight run to the bookstore just now.

I haven’t been living in Anaheim Hills for very long, but I have never seen our Borders parking lot even half-full. Tonight it was out of control. Every space was taken, cars were double and triple parked, and there was mayhem all around.

Once you were through the doors, there was a line to get a number, and then another line that snaked back and forth through the aisles several times, finally ending at the cash registers where you would actually pick up the book. They had just called out number 23 when we got 322, so we could tell we were in for a bit of a wait.

Then Tammy remembered that the Ralph’s supermarket up the street had also planned on selling the books at midnight. I called them to find out what the line was like, and they said it was only about 30 people. That was all we needed to hear. We left Borders right away and only had to wait behind three people in line to get the book…and our Ralphs club card saved us like five bucks off the cover price!

If it wasn’t for Ralph’s, we’d still be waiting in that line at Borders right now.

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