I’ve found that it’s pretty hard to give feedback to any company that makes anything you might buy.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m still looking for a regular (non-split) USB keyboard with a built-in USB hub and no stupid ‘multimedia’ or ‘productivity’ buttons. Apparently they just don’t exist.

I tried to let Microsoft know what I was looking for in a keyboard, and why all of their current keyboards just don’t make the grade. I emailed them my thoughts, and I just couldn’t get past the gatekeeper, no matter how many times I rephrased my comments. I was told that they don’t accept ideas for new products, becuase I could sue them later if they used my suggestions.

Okay, that’s fair. I would expect that of any company. But when you openly solicit feedback about your products, then say that you’re not allowed to read that feedback…Well it just seems kind of strange!

But that’s okay. You guys keep making your weirdo keyboards and I’ll take my case to Logitech. I’m not a big fan of their cheap-quality ‘boards, but they might actually listen.

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