Well I did it. After months of flirting with less than two gigs of free space, I finally ordered a bigger hard drive.

My 40 gig drive just wasn’t cutting it, and it was beginning to show signs of failure. It’s from IBM’s infamous 75GXP line, so I’m surprised its lasted this long, to be honest.

Today I ordered a Maxtor 200GB drive with an 8MB buffer. It was $299 at staples.com, but there was a $120 rebate and I had a $50 coupon, so that effectively cut the price in half.

It’ll be nice to have some breathing room again. The bulk of my drive right now is full of emulator roms and hard to find Disney park MP3s, so they’re not exactly things that I could delete when I needed space and then download again later.

Burning them all to CDs would be great, but that would probably take a few days and more CDs than I’d want to deal with! It’s a shame DVD burners and media are still so expensive.

I was concerned that my BIOS wouldn’t support drives over 137 GB, as that seems to be a pretty common problem with older (pre-2002) motherboards. Luckily it looks like ASUS came through for me, because they’ve got a beta BIOS for my CUSL2 hidden away on their Taiwan FTP site! Hooray!

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