Disneyland has a live band and swing dancing every Saturday night. Sometimes Tammy and I drop by to listen to the great music and watch the kids dance. Actually there are a lot of old folks out there dancing too. It’s a great scene.

Every now and then we see Doc Anello and his band playing, and they are by far the best that we’ve seen playing there. He’s got this one lady, Luretta McCray, who just has one of the best jazz voices I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, Tammy called me up last night and goes “GUESS WHO’S PLAYING MUSIC AT OUR WEDDING?”

And I go “Who?”

And she goes “DOC ANELLO!”

And I go “WHAT!”


And I go “HOLY CRAP! Wow!”

His 10 piece band is unbelievably affordable. And unlike all of the other people we’ve been interviewing, we’ve actually seen Doc Anello play live and we know how good he is. Done deal!

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