Saturday Tammy and I spent the day shopping for clothes and house stuff. That was fun.

Sunday I spent a couple hours replacing some landscape lights (CL131) in the front of our house that had seen better days with brand new ones. That was easy but tiring, especially in the heat! It got up near 90 I’m sure. I also pulled some weeds.

It felt good to finish those lights, and when we drove back home after dinner that night we were looking forward to seeing how much better they looked. The lights shoot straight up beneath two small palm trees on either side of our garage and really look nice when they’re working.

Well they look good all right – too good! They’re so damn bright that they not only light up the palm trees, but they also light up almost the entire wall behind them! It’s really too much.

At first I was worried that I’d need to dig up all of my hard work and replace those brand new lights with smaller ones. But then I realized that I can just replace the 20 watt bulbs with 10 watt bulbs. Adoyeee!

Oh yeah, Saturday I played some Zelda on the GBA. I’m liking the SP more and more. The rechargeable battery lasts a lot longer than the one I’ve been using in my old school GBA.

I think the SNES/GBA Zelda is probably the best in the series. My second favorite Zelda game is probably that one they made for the black and white Game Boy back in the day. I can’t remember what it was called though. Anyway, it was good.

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