Oh yeah, I totally forgot! Zelda: The Wind Waker arrived yesterday! I played it for a few hours last night and got pretty far, but I was really tired and had a conference call early this morning, so I couldn’t play it as much as I wanted.

Seems cool. Most of the soundtrack is just remixes of Zelda64 songs though, and that gives me flashbacks to a less-fun gaming experience! At least they sound like they’re played on real instruments now, so it’s not too bad.

Control is decent. I don’t understand why all of these reviewers think the GameCube controller is the greatest thing ever. I think it’s huge and awkward, but I’m getting a ‘handle’ on it so to speak. Yuk yuk.

The map in the first dungeon is pretty much useless, even with the compass, so that was a little frustrating. But anyway, I’m now at the point where I just bought a sail for the dragon boat thing from this eskimo guy. That’s where I left off last night.

I won’t get another chance to play until Monday, but until then I have my GBA SP to keep me company!

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