Hey guys, thanks a lot for deciding to start a war in prime time! What the hell am I supposed to watch now?

I was watching King of the Hill and it was the one where Peggy goes to Dallas to compete in the Boggle championships. Just when she and Hank had checked into the hotel, BOOM! See ya! Time for a war!

“Say goodbye to your regularly scheduled programming so that we can bring you hours of blurry videophone coverage from the balcony of a hotel room somewhere in Baghdad.

It may look like a big black screen with little specks of light that flare up every few seconds, but trust us! It is not an Atari 2600 game! It is anti-aircraft fire!

Also, we would like to interview some ex-millitary people so that they can give their opinion about what MIGHT be happening. Over and over. And over.

You’ll love it! Trust us!

And by the way, Peggy won the Texas State Boggle championships.”

Thanks Fox!

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