We got rained out of geocaching this weekend, but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to Home Depot to get some gardening supplies that were badly needed. We picked up weedkiller, another hose, and some landscaping lights that I need to install. We got some other stuff too, but I can’t remember what. Anyway, the Home Depot in Yorba Linda has a do-it-yourself checkout counter! We scanned it, bagged it, and were out the door! I think it would have been a lot faster to have an employee check us out, but nowhere near as fun!

Sunday we hung out at Tammy’s parents’ house and had cornbeef and cabbage!

A few minutes ago I signed us up for the passholder preview of the new Pooh ride. I was a little surprised to see that it is free!

That’s pretty rare for any special event at the DLR, though I think that the underwhelming turnout for the Bug’s Land preview at DCA set the tone for what can and can’t make money for the company.

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