Tammy and I spent Saturday with Stacy and her boyfriend Steve. Stacy is Tammy’s good friend from work who was unfortunately part of the 20% laid off on Friday. They’re good people. Anyway, we spent the afternoon at DCA and Disneyland.

We finally managed to catch a showing of Aladdin, which was a pretty good show for a theme park. I think Blast was better though, mainly because I think musicals are lame and I hate watching people sing.

That night the four of us went to the bar in the Grand Californian and hung out with Alex, another guy who escaped the layoffs. He had booked a night at the hotel with his wife. I think we were there until 1:30 in the morning.

Tammy made a Farscape connection with Alex that night. He was a big fan too, and I guess it had never come up in conversation before, so Tammy and he started discussing plot details, the cancellation, and DRDs.

Sunday we spent the day at Tammy’s parents’ house. We went geocaching and found our first cache that afternoon. Once we got home we discovered enough ticks in our clothes to warrant immediate showers. Looking back though, it was a lot of fun. Having a little handheld device that can tell you exactly where to go in the middle of nowhere is the coolest.

And here I am today. Hooray!

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