Last night was interesting.

Tammy and I went to preview a 16-piece jazz band that we’re considering hiring for the wedding. Last night this particular band was performing at a dance at the West Covina Senior Citizens’ Center.

The good news is that they sound great, and they’re cheaper than anything we’ve looked at so far. I’m talking like 75% cheaper – and all the other bands that we’ve seen so far have only been six pieces! We’re a little suspicious of why they’re so cheap, but they did sound great so it’s hard to argue with that!

Tammy’s company is laying off people left and right today, it being Friday and all. Tammy and I are scared shitless. We have a mortgage, utilities, two cars, and a horse to pay for. I know we can’t do it on just my paycheck. My stomach is all tied up in knots today. Keep your fingers crossed.

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