Valentine’s Day was fun. I took Tammy to dinner at Hook’s Pointe. She had prime rib or something, and I had the ahi. At dinner I surprised her with a gift certifcate for a massage and facial at this new spa over in PV. It was the first Valentine’s Day gift I’ve gotten her that wasn’t a video game or a piece of electronic equipment. She was impressed!

Tammy got me a GPS receiver! Can you believe it? Now we can go geocaching! I’m so happy!

Oh yeah, I also picked up a dozen rozes on the way home from work that night. I actually got them at Ralph’s, a supermarket of all places, and they had PLENTY. I was amazed. It was 7pm on Valentine’s Day, and this grocery store had more than enough roses to go around, and they were all fresh and beautiful.

Sunday we spent almost the entire day watching Farscape episodes from the season one box set, and we’ve still got at least half of the first season to get through. It’s amazing how much stuff you miss in a TV show like that the first time around.

Monday we went to my parents’ house for dinner, and I did our taxes in about thirty minutes with TurboTax! Hooray!

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