Man what a busy couple of days I’ve had!

Last week I spent two days at our datacenter, getting racks ready and laying cable for maybe 100 machines that we’re moving over from one of our old datacenters. It’s tiring work, and the drive out of downtown LA adds like 45 minutes to my hour-long commute.

Friday night Tammy and I went with Stacy and Steve to the ’03 NAMM concert, which this year turned out to be a tribute concert for Elton John. There were a lot of big names there. People like Norah Jones, Ray Charles, and Diana Krall all played versions of their favorite Elton John songs. Bruce Hornsby did the best job I think. Then EJ himself came out at the end and played a 30 minute set. I tell ya, Elton John may write some lame songs, but he can play a piano like nobody’s business.

I’m not an Elton John fan so I only recognized four or five songs all night, but the tickets were free and it was cool to see all those famous people.

I was really tired by the end though, and I kept trying not to fall asleep during Elton John’s performance. I’m pretty sure that if I had “Elton John sang me to sleep” on my permanent record, I’d be instantly gay.

Saturday Tammy and I went over to Disneyland to renew our annual passes. We ran over to DCA right after that to see if we could catch the last Aladdin show for the day, but we were too late. By that point we were pretty hungry, so we moseyed on over to the Pacific Wharf Cafe to grab dinner. We stuffed ourselves and then decided to head home and rent some movies. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Super Troopers turned out to be two truly boring films.

Sunday we stopped by the NAMM show at the Anaheim Convention Center to meet with Tammy’s trade show contractor to see the work he did for Roland’s booth, the largest at NAMM. We got to walk backstage to see the storage and eating areas, which was kind of neat. Whenever I’m at trade shows I always wonder what they keep back there, and now I know that there are lots of boxes, break areas, and private offices. Not too exciting!

After NAMM we rushed down to Carlsbad to catch Tammy’s grandfather as he finished the San Diego Marathon. We were a little late though, so we met him at his friend’s condo afterward instead.

On the way back home we stopped for a late lunch in Dana Point at a little taco stand off of PCH. I had a carne asada burrito that was only like $2.50, and it was freakin’ delicious.

Today Tammy has to work, but I have the day off. Ha-hoo! I’ve been playing with the cat and we took a nap together. I tried to play Super Mario Sunshine, but I’m at the point where the only areas that I can play are super hard ones. I’m beginning to get frustrated, and now I want to play Zelda.

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