Last night when I was laying in bed I was watching an infomerical for a 8 CD set of 80s hits from Time-Life Music.

The music was great of course, but they showed clips from a ton of music videos. Anyway, that gave me an idea.

Who, in this day and age, is going to pay $120 for 8 CDs of music. Suckas who don’t know about the Internet, that’s who!

You know what I would buy though? That very same music in a DVD compilation set of music videos.

The 80s had some of the best music videos, ever. I led a deprived childhood (one without cable,) so I didn’t get to see any of them when I was a kid. The show last night totally blew my mind. Some of those bands looked totally different than what I had imagined.

If I had money and contacts in the industry, I’d start selling those things toDAY.

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