The DSL modem is supposed to arrive at the new house before Wednesday this week, and the phone jack in the room where it will go was dead silent when we moved in. The previous owners had a second phone line that they used for dial-up in there, so the jack needed to be re-wired to work with our one line.

I spent about an hour on Saturday teaching myself about telephone wiring and managed to do it on my own, saving about a hundred bucks in the process. The phone company charges something outrageous like $81 for the first hour plus $25 for each additional hour for a service call.

Saturday night Tammy and I went with some friends of hers from work to Disneyland. Stacy and Steve dropped by too, and we all got dinner at the French Market. We watched the snow and everything that night, but man oh man was it crowded. Every day in December is pretty packed over there, and with good reason!

Sunday morning Sears came out to deliver and install our new washer and dryer. Sunday night we headed out to Tammy’s uncle’s place to watch the Huntington Beach boat parade with family and some friends.

We still have a lot of boxes to unpack and organize, and slip covers for our couches are a few paychecks away, but our home is shaping up pretty nicely!

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