I am exhausted.

Yesterday work sucked. All it takes is one little hardware failure for the world to come crashing down and a flood of customer complaints to fly in.

I felt like an ass because I had to leave early. First I drove up to Pasadena to drop off some flyers at our mall cart. That was a 45 minute drive that should have taken 20.

Then I had to fly down to Anaheim in less than an hour to sign escrow papers. Tammy’s still out of town, so I had to sign for her. And there were two sets of papers. I shit you not – I was signing our names for one full hour with no breaks. My hand is in great pain today!

After that I sped on over to the Anaheim Hills Saddle Club to drop off a deposit check for Tammy. Nutmeg moves in on the 1st!

Right after that I managed to make it (with a minute to spare!) to the new house to meet my realtor for the final walk-through. Luckily my realtor rocks, the people selling the house are incredibly awesome, and everything was perfect.

And then there was the drive home. There was this gigantic couch cushion just bouncing along the 91 freeway and it was one of those things that you just can’t avoid because you’re doing 70 mph and there’s people around you and it’s dark, so it came up and hit my front bumper before I knew what happened. So I spent an hour driving home worrying about how bad the damage was and how I was going to pay for it.

When I got home I couldn’t find a single scratch! I’m one lucky guy!

So I’ve been rambling here, but I’m tired as hell today and you’ll just have to deal!

Tammy comes back tomorrow, and she will make everything better!

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