We decided not to go with the new home development in Brea. We made that decision on Tuesday, the same day that we saw a nicer place (same amount of money) in Anaheim Hills.

We made an offer on that house last night- $10,000 less than the asking price with a 90 day escrow. We’ll find out by 6 tonight whether they accept, decline, or counteroffer.

You sure have to sign a lot of stuff when you make an offer on a house! We were at our realtor’s house for a good two and a half hours going over everything last night. Exciting stuff!

Let me tell ya, Orange County may have gone bankrupt a few years ago, but it’s obvious where the money went – back into communities. Everything out there is so nice, well landscaped, clean, and QUIET.

Inch for inch, OC is way nicer than crappy, grimy, smelly LA county!

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