Crazy weekend!

Friday I was sick for most of the day. Late that night we went to hang out with some of Tammy’s friends in Hermosa Beach. We started out at Shark’s Cove bar and then went down to some other bar with lots of music and dancing. That was a late night of drinking and dancing; definitely not my scene. The good news is that the bar had INFINITE FREE PEANUTS that you could crack open and sweep on the floor. Cokes were only a buck!

Saturday we went looking for wedding invitations and interviewed a florist. The florist we went to has been in Torrance for 30 years and knows the area really well, so we’ll probably go with them! Man do we have a lot of work to do. We spent a good hour or two looking at wedding invitations. The selection is overwhelming!

Sunday we spent literally all day at Bridlewood in Brea with our realtor (who is great by the way, let me know if you want a referral) looking at models and deciding that we really, really liked Plan 3! We put down a refundable deposit for a 3-day reservation so that my parents will get a chance to come down and check it out this week. Tammy’s parents drove down on Sunday and they really liked it, so that’s 50% of the equation right there. My parents will hate that there’s no formal dining room, but oh well!

Sunday night we managed to squeeze in a late showing of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away which was great, but super super weird.

Today I am tired and am dreading my parents’ reaction to the house.

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