The Internet has changed me. For example:

I don’t think recording artists should be compensated for their work. I think it’s dumb to charge people money for access to music.

I think live performances should be the exception. Charge money for concerts and public performances, but don’t charge money for the music itself. In my opinion, all compositions and prerecorded music should be in the public domain.

So how do the artists pay to get their CDs created and distributed? They don’t! I think all artists should stop selling CDs and start distributing their music for free online.

I don’t think it’s fair that somebody can perform a song in a studio once and make millions of dollars off of it, or that someone can write a song in a weekend and do the same. It’s just a song! Show us that you’re the real deal in a concert and we’ll pay you!

This will never happen, but it would in a perfect world!

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