It looks like the ‘Save Farscape’ campaign is having some effect. Not the effect we want, but some effect nonetheless.

Sci-Fi has just entered into negotiations for a two-hour season finale, and the deconstruction crews have been ordered to stop for the time being. According to series producer David Kemper, this is a direct result of the thousands of faxes, emails, and snailmail they’ve been receiving.


As part of a concentrated effort to show solidarity with our brother and sister scapers on the picket line tomorrow I’ve been trying to drum up participation in an email barrage to Tom Vitale pressing the send button at 12:00 noon eastern time. I have been requesting that as many scapers as humanly possible email with the subject PLEASE SAVE FARSCAPE and have requested that they send a short polite note requesting Farscape be renewed for a 5th season.

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