Henson Productions has put up a Farscape cancellation hotline recording at 323-802-1609. You can also leave messages, but you should really be directing your efforts at the SciFi channel.

The straight poop is this-

Sci-Fi had contracted for a 4th and 5th season of Farscape, but the contract contained a clause that allowed them back out after the fourth season if they so chose. As was defined in the contract, the 4th and 5th seasons would have cost the exact same amount of money to produce. After the fourth season ended, SciFi changed their mind about the amount of money that they wanted to commit to a fifth season. They went to Jim Henson’s parent company, EMTV, and requested a reduced price for the 5th season. EM.TV, who has had its own share of very public money problems over the past five years, said “Yeah, right,” so SciFi exercised their right to terminate the contract.

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