So I’m up late tonight working, and who decides to drop by #farscape but D’Argo himself.

Here’s a transcript, with all of the psycho fan commentary deleted. It’s easy to figure out what was said.

<Ploppy> Hi everyone – Anthony here – I’ve just come from my last scene as D’Argo – I wanted to start and end my day with the fans so I thought I’d drop in and say hi

<Ploppy> I’m very emotional. It was a strange feeling to be in the make-up today – quite a profound mood

<Ploppy> Well it’s 5:22 pm here in Sydney town

<Ploppy> Jsut be senstive to the anniversary the world is sharing this week before you start sending heaps of boxes anyplace

<Ploppy> I got some great shots today. Very sad but great shots. The disasembling has commenced in earnest now

<Ploppy> We will never forget the community that has built up around this show – I hope to meet you all at conventions so we can have a laugh

<Ploppy> What you are all doing is fabulous – you were all the main point of discussion at lunch today between myself Andrew Prowse and various producers – we think you’re all great

<Ploppy> I can assure you this is no PR prank – I have 3 auditions tommorrow (don’t ask 😉 )

<Ploppy> No soap for me folks

<Ploppy> Don’t have the clout in the industry to ask for out clauses (they’d laugh at me) so I guess…no

<Ploppy> Mat Roush (Is that his name?) at TV guide always gave us great reviews. Has his inbox been bommbarded?

<Ploppy> Don’t start bagging other shows on their bb’s. We want to enlist support – not antagonise people – kill them with kindness people

<Ploppy> I would love to keep the Qualta rifle and sword – they are very very cool props. Often sci-fi props look a bit ho-hum in real life but let me assure you the qualta rifle is awsome – even in person

<Ploppy> Nothing is for naught!!!!!!! We love Farscape. We’re fighting – you’re fighting. The reality is though we aren’t super rich people (why do you think they cast and shoot in Oz) I’m not giving up. I’m looking for other work simply because I have to pay my mortgage on my house

<Ploppy> I had enormous changes in mind for D’Argo season 5. In fact if all wnet well I had a meeting tomorrow to discuss it – It would answer – Why Lo La? What’s happening with the Luxan race? and What role does D’Argo have in the unwritten history of his planet

<Ploppy> Dave Elsey and I discussed an Episode in 5 with HEAPS of Luxans – his ideas for the elders and rulers of my home land are fantastic

<Ploppy> No the cast does not make money out of the DVD sales – but buy them anyway

<Ploppy> Perhaps fate marked him as a general for a reason and a greater purpose

<Ploppy> No residual payements for us – they’re bought up front in perpetuity – now you’re starting to understand why they shoot in Australia a little better 😉

<Ploppy> No Australian decision at any level, government or production, had an influence on this decision – It was all made above us

<Ploppy> Well folks I’m off to enjoy the sunset on my balcony and have a few quiet moments to myslef

<Ploppy> You folks rock!! Thank you, You’re efforts are NEVER in vain because your efforts liveon in the hearts of us making the show – and that means something

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