Well Tammy and I had a talk yesterday and it looks like living in Redondo Beach is totally out of the question. We just can’t afford it.

Small condos and crappy old houses in not-so-great parts of town are $450k. The ones that we would even consider moving to are in upwards of $600k.

Anaheim Hills, however, has some good-sized three-bedroom townhomes for like $325k. It’d add about 20 minutes to my commute, and take 30 away from Tammy’s.

The only nice quiet places to live in LA are either on the far west side (super expensive) or on the far east side (super cheap, but far from everything). Oh sure, there’s a few exceptions like Pasadena up in the North, but everything in thie middle is just crime-filled ghetto.

I fought long and hard for Redondo, but neither Tammy nor I earn a large enough salary to make that happen. Maybe someday.

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