Dude. 1 gigabit flash cards are on the way!

I installed an Afterburner in my Game Boy last night. It took me about five hours. Everything that could go wrong, did. The wires in the kit are just too thin! They break off of their solder points with even moderate flexing. I got dust and fingerprints on the screen, and my light switch doesn’t move as smoothly as I’d like.

Anyone who tells you an Afterburner installation is easy is a DIRTY LYING BASTARD. It’s harder than the standard PlayStation modchip installation or Dish Network TSOP locking, that’s for damn sure.

I’ll probably wind up selling my Afterburner-enhanced Game Boy on Ebay. The Game Boy was $70 and the light was $35. I’m positive someone would buy it for $105.

I’ve got a spare Afterburner kit, unopened. Triton Labs is backordered, but If you want it, it’s yours. $35 + shipping. Just let me know.

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